Over the last 20 plus years, this film has become extremely popular in the automo-tive industry. Even after 19 seasons of riding I still somehow manage to ding my board on the transom from time to time and the film is clutch. Vantage Protection Systems. Pick up the full lineup of Boat Bling sauces and keep your boat clean, waxed, and conditioned all the time. 2019-2020 Aston Martin Vantage 3M Pro Series Clear Bra Full Fenders Paint Protection Kit. Developed by 3M in the 1960's, Scotchgard Protection Film was originally developed to eliminate abrasion on military helicopter blades and F-14 nosecones to protect aircraft from flying debris and sand abrasion. One more reason why It Pays to Protect with Vantage! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dgdip8j_Lo. Protectionfilms24 es una marca comercial de Bedifol GmbH, con sede en el sur de Alemania. Nuestra tienda online ofrece la más extensa gama de productos en el ámbito de la protección de la pantalla en toda Europa. Makes sense to protect an area where scratches are … Los dispositivos digitales siempre implican tecnologías sensibles y especialmente las pantallas táctiles son muy sensibles. How To LAUNCH And LOAD Your Bass BOAT By YOURSELF - Duration: 10:52. Geo-indexed maps, features and forms are accessible via a full range of methods from PDF to data services, supporting your existing dispatch, command, and GIS workflows without costly systems integration work. Vantage Film GmbH Oberlandstraße 13-14 12099 Berlin Germany Tel. Bespoke hand cut design in high quality self healing Suntek materials. Since the Film took the hit during trips down a long, gravel road, all the customer had to do was replace the Film, not the fender. More. Keeps you from waxing for 5 years and protects against most things (so they say). 1) Keep your boat free of scratches caused by: Transom: Wakeboards, Skis, Kneeboards Tie Down Strap Areas: Abrasion from straps 2) Protect Your Aluminum Tubes from Scratching, Marking, an I've had pretty good luck with 303 aerospace protectant for $25 a bottle. Share. Really this seems like an up sale to get your money. Clear Film Protection including Protection for your Transom and and your Pontoon. The "secret" behind the comprehensive protection that the VPS products deliver, is the revolutionary technology from which it … Todas las ofertas y promociones actuales se anuncian periódicamente en nuestro boletín. Estos van desde simples protectores de pantalla para evitar arañazos y protectores para proteger contra reflejos de la luz y el sol, a los productos innovadores para proteger contra las bacterias. Info. $1k for what? Devon Solwold 4,258 views. Easy Application Steps for Carpet Protection Film . What is it? Savvies SU75 UltraClear Films de Protection d’Écran sont la protection invisible et fiable particulièrement adapté pour Polar Vantage V. Haute Transparence La surface à haute transparence de l’écran de protection Savvies dont une reproduction ultra-précise et authentique du … Then pays for itself. 0:00. Video below. +49 30 2887628-0. 10 ustawy z dnia 18 lipca 2002r. © 2019 eWake, Inc. Custom Websites by Tera's Designs Artifishalleyes | Powered by Mantra & WordPress. You can choose the desired products by device or category, as well as search directly for offers from specific manufacturers and brands. 17th January 2019. Remove over wrap from the product and locate the start of the film. Fabricados en Alemania, productos de alta calidad de marca, desde una gama de base para un pequeño presupuesto, ofrecemos una amplia gama de productos en diferentes rangos de precios, en el que cada uno puede encontrar el producto adecuado. However, I am very impressed with how glossy it made my boat. Después de usar nuestros productos, puedes vender tu dispositivo antiguo en buen estado de conservación a terceras personas. We have the film over the transom of our MC, definitely wouldn't go without it. Vantage Protection Products. Over the past decade, we have developed a reputation as the respected leader in … Check out the picture. Tax Fee Protection Insurance. This is a popular choice for Supercar owners looking to protect the most vulnerable areas on the car. from South Coast Tints PRO . High quality display protection products from famous brands at protectionfilms24. Vantage Protection UK Ltd. Central House, No.1 Ballards Lane ,Suite 6.6 N3 1LQ London ,UK +44 (0) 208 346 1146 +44 (0) 208 124 0940 +44 (0) 7424 626196 Vantage Resource Group, Inc. first began testing and development of protection film kits in 2009 for the recreational vehicle and marine industries. Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes los mejores precios y un servicio competente. Comments are closed. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. We just put 125 hours on our new boat last summer and it still looks like it just came off the factory floor, and all we use is Spotless (there's a thread with reviews on here somewhere, it's awesome stuff) and Meguiar's hydrophobic spray wax. If you do it you might as well not clean the boat ever and turn it in to get your money's worth. PRAGUE. Vantage uses common tablets to capture key, customizable decision-support data and can be deployed in days. Vantage Protection Group Ltd Solo House, The Courtyard, London Rd, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1AT, United Kingdom Company Reg No. Vantage Protection Systems™ (VPS) is a nano coating technology that is designed to protect against common accidental occurrences and environmental contaminants. Regístrate y recibirás todas las promociones futuras fácilmente por correo electrónico. Por lo tanto, la protección del dispositivo y su pantalla es cada vez más importante para la función y la durabilidad del dispositivo. That's seems like an offer to the Wally's! OUR EXPERIENCE. More. This stunning brand new Aston Martin Vantage was in the studio this week to have our ‘Track Pack’ Paint Protection Film installed. Watch later. También encontrará filtros de pantalla (filtros antireflectantes y filtros de privacidad) para un trabajo sin reflejos y privado en las pantallas de ordenador y portátiles. Our Full Fenders Paint Protection Kit fits the 2019-2020 Aston Martin Vantage and will protect your .. $339.95 Pull film off the roll slightly to determine the direction the film unwinds. Vantage Protection Film- Ranger Fender Destroyed! Aston Martin Vantage Paint Protection Film. We guarantee to provide the highest quality workmanship that you expect to protect your investment. Ceramic Coating Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Paint Protection Film. : 11172719 info@vantageprotectiongroup.com 01403 586000 Tap to unmute. ¡Abónate ahora a nuestra Newsletter y no te pierdas ninguna promoción! $1k is a wee bit steep for some cleaner/protectant. The Vantage Pontoon Combo Kit will keep your pontoons looking new. Our alignment with 3M as a National Market Developer allowed us the opportunity to work with and test the highest quality protection film options in the world. 3 years ago. Our alignment with 3M as a National Market Developer allowed us the opportunity to work with and test the highest quality protection film options in the world. Protect your vehicle from stones, debris by applying our high-quality protection film. En nuestra web encontrará todo para proteger el equipo digital. Something like this will give you a mindset of "oh it's clean, I put that expensive crap on it" and you won't bother to clean it that often, and it'll just end up looking nasty anyhow. This is the same product that is frequently installed on the front of cars to protect from rock chips. Here are the main pages from the brochure. They want $1k for a 21 footer, includes a 5 year guarantee. Take a dry cloth with alcohol or window cleaner and wipe down the surface you want to … TackleJunky81 27,055 views. The Vantage Team has over 160 years' combined experience in the marine industry! PARIS. Ofrecemos la mayor selección de productos de protección de pantalla: desde protectores de plástico, a protectores de cristal templado, protectores de pantalla completa full-cover, filtros de privacidad y fundas. Developed by 3M in the 1960's, Scotchgard Protection Film was originally developed to eliminate abrasion on military helicopter blades and F-14 nosecones to protect aircraft from flying debris and sand abrasion. Vantage Resource Group, Inc. is a certified National Market Developer specializing in protection products for the automotive, marine, RV and powersports markets. upscreen, 3M, BROTECT y savvies son algunas marcas de los fabricantes de productos de protección de pantalla, cuyos productos se pueden comprar en nuestra tienda. The Vantage Pontoon Combo Kit provides a unique, custom look. Křížová 2601/2 150 00 Praha 5 – Smíchov Czech Republic Tel. Advertise    |    Contact    |    Terms of Use    |    Privacy Policy    |    Report Abuse    |    Conduct    |    About Us, Has anyone out there put Vantage Protection System on their boat. Vantage also offers custom cut 3M clear vinyl to protect the transom of your boat. Con aproximadamente 30.000 dispositivos disponibles y más de 30 tipos de dispositivos ofrecemos productos de protección de pantalla para el mayor número de dispositivos en el mercado: teléfonos móviles, cámaras, ordenadores portátiles, relojes inteligentes, dispositivos de navegación, consolas de juegos, e-cigarrillos, electrodomésticos, y de las mejores marcas como Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Canon y Garmin o fabricantes de productos de nicho como ZTE, Smok, Wiko y Caterpillar. Vantage Protection Film. 27th November 2018. The name of the product is "Beeds". Why do you need it? Stickers are made from Premium Quality Stone Guard Film: (150 micron). Aston Martin Vantage Paint Protection Film. Save your money and just don't neglect your boat. Buscados habitualmente - Selecciona tu dispositivo: Protectores de pantalla y de privacidad en todas las medidas, Todos los protectores de pantalla antibacteria, Todos los protectores de pantalla antireflejos, Todos los full cover protectores de pantalla, Todos los protectores de pantalla de privacidad, Todos los protectores de pantalla cristal templado, Todos los protectores de pantalla cristal templado claro, Todos los protectores de pantalla cristal templado mate. También ofrecemos protectores a medida para las medidas individuales de tus dispositivos especiales. Tienes la opción de seleccionar los productos deseados para dispositivos o categorías, y también buscar productos ofrecidos por ciertos fabricantes y marcas. Since the Film took the hit during trips down a long, gravel road, all the customer had to do was replace the Film, not the fender. (Click On The Image To Get A … Vantage Resource Group provides exceptional protection products for your RV or boat. 8th December 2018. Wipe the boat down after every use (not hard, takes two minutes), throw a light coat of Spotless on after every couple of uses (adds a minute to wiping it down since Spotless goes on when the boat's still damp and you don't have to go over it twice, spray on and wipe off) and put a light coat of Meguiar's on every couple of weeks if you use it regularly. Vantage Ranger Fender Film Replacement . Take a look at this video to see how Vantage Protection Film protects a Ranger Fender against the elements. My local boat detail dude, "Tyler", performed the install. Reduce Heat, UV, Glare. It is a spray on, wipe off application. Once settled, Gtechniq EXO v4 Ultra Durable Hydrocarbon Coating was applied, the flexible nature of the sealant perfectly suiting the film and adding a further layer of hydrophobic protection. I had it applied in November and have not used the boat yet. protectores de pantalla completa full-cover, protectores de pantalla para evitar arañazos, protectores para proteger contra reflejos de la luz y el sol. Con más de 7 millones de clientes satisfechos es protectionfilms24 uno de los mayores proveedores de protectores de pantalla. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Vantage Protection Film on Trailer - Duration: 1:08. Ceramic Coating Lamborghini Superleggera Detailing. Aston Martin with Paint protection films applied to leading front area of the vehicle prone to road rash. If your tubes are already damaged, the Vantage Pontoon Combo Kit will cover up existing scratches and protect them from future damage. One more reason why It Pays to Protect with Vantage! Vantage Pontoon Wrap. Copy link. 3M National Market Developer: Vantage Protection Film is virtually invisible and extremely durable. A durable, high grade, colorless urethane film applied to high impact, high traffic areas. All the video showed was some product to clean your boat and a demo of how to apply it. Wipe down the seats after every use (use a cheap degreaser like Super Clean now and then, this takes no time), vacuum the carpet when it needs it, and you'll have a showroom-worthy boat. If Carpet Protection Film is exposed to temperatures over 95°F, direct sunlight or outdoor exposure, product should be inspected and replaced weekly. upscreen, 3M, BROTECT and savvies are just some of the screen protection brands whose products you can purchase at our shop.