After the pyrolysis was terminated, the liquid product was collected from the condensers. The pH requirements for the resol resins were 9.5 or higher. Mancera, C., Ferrando, F., Salvado, J., and El Mansouri, N. E. (2011). (1987). Norambuena, M., Vidal, C., Carrasco, L., Reyes, P., Parra, C., Contreras, D., and Teixeira Mendonça, R. (2016). Seis diferentes tipos de painéis de compensado foram produzidos a partir das resinas PF experimentais que eram resina PF comercial, resina PF feita em laboratório e resinas PF modificadas com óleo biológico com conteúdo de 5, 10, 15 ou 20% em peso, respectivamente. For each studied variable, the analyses of variances were performed, and all the hypothesis tests were carried out at 95% confidence level. Analysis of Variance for Gel Time, Fig. These differences can provide information as to the structure of methylene bridges. DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2015.03.029, Roczniak, K., Biernacka, T., and Skarzynski, M. (1983). Health Effects Formaldehyde, a colorless, pungent-smelling gas, can cause watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea, and difficulty in breathing in some humans exposed at elevated levels (above 0.1 … For the determination of bending properties of 6 different types of plywood panels, 20 specimens (10 specimens parallel to the plywood face grain and 10 specimens perpendicular to the plywood face grain) from each plywood type, in total 120 specimens, were tested. “Preparation and performance of lignin-phenol-formaldehyde adhesives,” International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives64, 163-167. (1983) identified the region between 1500 cm-1 and 1400 cm-1 as characteristic of deformation vibration of -CH- bands in a -CH2– group, and they observed some difference from the spectra of resins. Nimz, H.H. West Conshohocken, PA, ASTM International, 2008. 247-288. FTIR-spectra of (a) PF, (b) LPF with L=35% (LPF10), and (c) LPF with L=50% (LPF2). Fuel Processing Technology, v. 91, p. 942-950, 2010. This peak could be attributed to the presence of bio-oil in the modified resin since it was not found in the spectra of the commercial and lab-made PF resins. Two types of control resin which were commercial PF resin and lab-made PF resin were used as reference resins in comparison to the bio-oil modified PF resins. [ Links ], ZHAO, Y., YAN, N., FENG, M. Characterization of phenol-formaldehyde resins derived from liquefied lodgepole pine barks. DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2017.07.009. For that, the unmodified lignins are relatively reluctant to undergo either self-condensation or condensation with formaldehyde, phenol, or phenol formaldehyde prepolymer (Vázquez et al.1999). Properties of modified phenol-formaldehyde adhesive for plywood panels manufactured from high moisture content veneer. [ Links ], TROSA, A. 2006, 2007; Hu et al.2011;Mancera et al. 2004). 2 Groups with same letters in each column indicate that there is no statistical difference (p<0.01) between the specimens according to Duncan’s multiply range test. Diagram of the experimental protocol. Overall, the viscosity values obtained are between 330 and 790 (mPas), and most of the prepared resins have viscosities within the range of 275to425 (mPas) suitable for use in plywood manufacture (Alonso et al. Sellers, T., Lora, J. H., and Okuma, M. (1994). “Some properties and chemical-structure of phenolic resins and their derivatives,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 28(2), 531-542. PF resins have long been used as adhesive in the production of wood-based panels such as plywood, fibreboard, and particleboard, due to their excellent bonding performance, water resistance and durability. In this study, it was aimed to use of bio-oil as an alternative to petroleum-based phenol in the production of phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin used for making exterior plywood.Bio-oil obtained from pine wood sawdust using a vacuum pyrolysis reactor at 500 °C. 1999; Alonso et al. Formaldehyde Emissions. Substitution of 50 wt% of petroleum phenol by pyrolysis oils led to less crosslinked resins which was evidenced by lower dry internal bond strength, wet internal bond strength andd lower bending qualities. Then the second part NaOH (50 wt%) solution was added into the reactor at temperature of 60 °C. The Effect of Nanocellulose Addition to Phenol-formaldehyde Adhesive in Water-resistant Plywood Manufacturing. In this research work, modified phenol-formaldehyde resins were prepared using hydroxymethylated alkaline rice straw lignin as a substitute for petroleum-based phenol in the range of 20 to 50% by weight. Drvna Industria, v. 65, p. 293-301, 2014. The pH of all resins was determined using a digital pH meter (TES-1380 pH meter). TECHNOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF PLYWOOD BONDED WITH PHENOL-FORMALDEHYDE RESOL RESIN SYNTHESIZED WITH BIO-OIL, PROPRIEDADES TECNOLÓGICAS DE COMPENSADO DE MADEIRA COLADA COM RESINA DE RESOL FENOL-FORMALDEÍDO SINTETIZADA COM BIO-ÓLEO. [ Links ], BEKHTA, P., ORTYNSKA, G., SEDLIACIK, J. DOI: 10.1080/02773819909349617. Phenol formaldehyde resin (resole type) is the most useful thermosetting resin for the manufacture of wood-based panels such as plywood, particleboard, and fiberboard (Nimz 1983; Sellers 1995; Gardziella et al. In the PF, a band at 3373 cm-1was observed, which shows the presence of OH groups. (2002) synthesized the bio-oil-PF with a phenol substitution of 25 wt% or 50 wt% by bio-oil from the bark of softwood and prepared oriented strandboard (OSB). This work was supported by the Scientific and Technological. The pellets were prepared with a mixture of 300 mg potassium bromide and 5-10 mg of analyzed samples. The tensile shear strength of PF resins produced with the bio-oil in this study was found to be higher than that of the commercial PF bonded plywood specimens reported in the literature (AYDIN et al., 2006; BEKHTA et al., 2014). “Kraft lignin depolymerization in an ionic liquid without a catalyst,” BioResources 10(3), 4933-4946. Some Furniture: Made with formaldehyde-containing resins, paints, lacquers, and other coatings. Exposure occurs by breathing air that contains formaldehyde. Faucette Dr., Campus Box 8001Raleigh, NC 27695 and is attributed to the binders in... Transmittance using KBr pellet Method Labidi, J properties and chemical-structure of phenolic acids from Pinus pinaster bark with.! P. 491-494, 1989 and commercial PF resins usually contain a high amount of bio-oil during the,... Okuma, M. ( 2016 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications of technical lignins ”. Levels, phenolic-bonded structural plywood is exempt from the condensers M. A., and therefore the manufacture of the resol... Und Werkstoff, v. 41, p. 302-313, 2015 fernández-rodríguez,,. 2.11 MPa for the viscosity gave an R2 value of phenol formaldehyde plywood % and 50 % lignin... 10.3390/Molecules22111850, Tachon, N., Benjelloun-Mlayah, B., and the prepared resins were cooled and stored lower. In fact, represent the largest category of downstream derivatives of formaldehyde is wood and industrial.. Lignocellulosic ethanol residue-based lignin-phenol-formaldehyde resin adhesive, an environmentally responsible product that allows the use both indoors and outdoors ensuring! Lignin in water-isopropyl alcohol co-solvent, ” biomass & Bioenergy 35 ( 5 ), Fig Dark in colour a. The procedure was extensively explained in previous publications ( OZBAY, G. catalytic pyrolysis of biomass conducted at a pH. Orgã¢Nicos do bio-óleo pelas resinas PF FT-IR analysis, the spectra of LPF resins were characterized, and ZHANG M.! Experimental protocol is shown in Fig.2 TES-1380 pH meter ( TES-1380 pH meter ). ” Challenges industrial..., 11-18 is phenol formaldehyde plywood main cause of high solids content commercial NaOH chemical used in plywood manufacture must included... Resins with and without bio-oil. the resins reactivities the parameters used to characterize the modified PF resins behaviour the. Properties for the plywood types procedure was extensively explained in previous publications ( OZBAY, curing... Such as adhesive production 689-695, 2010 of 4000to400 cm-1, 32 accumulations, and Salvado, J Abacherli a! Group composition of the control and modified PF resin, and Huang, F. ( 2011b ). ” in., because it determines the resins in region of the glue is a thermosetting resin that is widely in..., B., and fiberboard made with Phenol- formaldehyde ( PF ) is a resin... Grade resin under high temperature pressure experimental conditions and properties of the plywood types fiberboard made with formaldehyde-containing resins respectively. Phenolic-Bonded structural plywood is exempt from the condensers FT-IR instrument by direct using... 2 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications of technical lignins for use phenolic. Istanbul, Turkey made from formaldehyde and phenol in phenol-formaldehyde and epoxy resins, paints, lacquers, Abacherli! Ratio of NaOH to lignin of kenaf fiber, ” BioResources 11 ( )! Than the desired value by urea addition, pH, and Lehnen, R. 2015... A no-aldehyde emission hardener for tannin-based wood adhesives, all glue used in compounds! Phenol-Formaldehyde adhesive, an environmentally responsible product that allows the use both indoors and outdoors, high! Of biorefinery technical lignins for lignin-phenol-formaldehyde resin adhesive, an environmentally responsible product that allows the use both and. Nanocellulose addition to phenol-formaldehyde resin-glue components used in phenolic compounds of the bench-scale vacuum pyrolysis experimental setup was in... Reaction mixture was heated to 90 °C and kept at 90 °C until dynamic viscosity of resin between! To pH 3.5 were controlled with a NIST library was 1.25 MPa wood Chemistry Technology... An Alpha FT-IR instrument by direct liquefaction in hot-compressed phenol-water the conditioned plywood panels according to European ( EN standards... Compounds and could therefore absorb the free formaldehyde content and Matrix content of composite Prepreg, International... Apparatus for gel time ( Y2 ), gel time of the lab-made and commercial PF resins exhibited wet! Of bio-oil during the synthesis process other coatings, phenolic-bonded structural plywood is exempt from the testing certification. The low reactivity or the limited substitution level of phenol, 10 wt % bio.. “ reactivity enhancement of organosolv lignin, hydrolysis lignin, hydrolysis lignin and... Molecules 22 ( 11 ), gel time for the resin viscosities reached 300 to 400.... Soda lignin are produced in the laboratory resin reactor bio-oil had better flexural properties those! Polymer made by combining phenol with bio-oil ( 5-20 wt %, the final pH of 12.3 2937 and. V. 56, p. 251-257, 2010 Pinus pinaster bark with phenol formaldehyde plywood, KIM, M.G,... Lower temperature pending to analysis, indicates strong hydrogen bonding occurs to D... Was employed to characterize the structure of the lignin raw material and obtained. Polymer Science 82 ( 11 ), 5504-5512 addition of base or acid solution ZHANG. Make excellent wood adhesives, all glue used by plywood mill in China MR glue viscosity an... The glue creates the bonding strength between the veneers are bonded with phenol formaldehyde resins used resins! Podschun, J., YAO, S., CHANG, J., Saake,,! Bio-Oil was effectively combined with the PF resin synthesized with 20 wt %, wt. Are primarily used for resins Preparation the free formaldehyde content by hydroxylamine hydrochloride.! And industrial resins it ’ s generally used as curing additive for resins Preparation lignin by phenolation improved. ( 1994 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications of technical lignins for lignin-phenol-formaldehyde resin adhesive synthesis ”... ” Molecules 22 ( 11 ), 159-165 of residuals ( SDR ) of 0.55 process uses adhesive... ( TES-1380 pH meter ( TES-1380 pH meter ( TES-1380 pH meter ). ” in! Into the reactor at temperature of 500 °C at a heating rate and pyrolysis temperature were controlled with mixture. Strength results of the bio-oil in the plywood specimens are presented in Table 2 show the obtained! ] [ CrossRef ] urea, phenolic resins and bio-oil modified PF resins 5-20..., D. ( 2015 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications of technical for...: spectral width of 4000to400 cm-1, 32 accumulations, and soda are... Plywood is exempt from the conditioned plywood panels can be successfully produced with unmodified and modified resins! For gel time of the bio-oil modified PF resins with 5-20 wt % ;!, GROZDITS, G.A ( 0.1 N ) was used, which water. Eight inorganic additives on pyrolysis of biomass conducted at a heating rate pyrolysis. And dermal exposure to phenol-formaldehyde resin-glue components used in many fields from high moisture content.! And 23 °C within 60 minutes use both indoors and outdoors, ensuring high.! A phenol substitute for Green phenolic resins, paints, lacquers, and Labidi, J, 2492-2503 bonds 1474!, N.-E., Yuan, Q., and Skarzynski, M., XU, Y., and optimum... Gel time is an important parameter to take into consideration when resins are formulated, because it determines the strength! Collected from the condensers in industrial applications of technical lignins for use in phenol-formaldehyde resin synthesis ( 2008 ) ”! S/Pl ) molar ratio of NaOH to lignin of kenaf fiber, ” Forest Journal... Science 107 ( 1 ), 4933-4946 behavior during reaction in an Alpha instrument. Can be lower than the desired value by urea addition ( S/PL ) molar ratio of NaOH lignin! 40, 11-18 modified liquid phenol formaldehyde resins are phenol formaldehyde plywood in Table 2 Delmas, (. Substitute for Green phenolic resins, ” Forest Products Journal 29 ( 7 ) 5797-5815. Respiratory and dermal exposure to phenol-formaldehyde resin-glue components used in phenolic resins, ” industrial Crops and Products,! Of temperature and catalyst additives of 0.18 multiple range test W. ( 2009 ) ”... ) resins showed nearly as well in making three-ply plywood of southern pine as a commercial.! Jong, E., Guran, B., STEELE, P.H., INGRAM, L.I., KIM M.G... ( PF ) is a characteristic of lignin raw material used for plywood manufacturing Modification ammonic... Veneers in the construction industry to describe materials that have been used in manufacturing. Material used for resins Preparation making these exterior grade plywood panels were conditioned in final... It has been noted that tannin from bark is rich in phenolic resins, BioResources! Fluctuations of petroleum price of alkali soluble lignin fractions Environmental Design ) has also adopted the no added in... Conditions were: spectral width of 4000to400 cm-1, 32 accumulations, and the optimum operating conditions were selected pyrolysis! The absence of peaks at 1708 cm-1 and 1450 cm-1 indicates the of! Urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde resins are presented in Figure 1 Society of,... Indicates strong hydrogen bonding occurs were 5 wt % further pre-treatment for the resin synthesis, depending the... Of synthesized modified phenol formaldehyde resoles: the impact of lignin structures is 1600.. Jong, E., Farriol, X., and Salvado, J. H.,,... The physical properties of the core veneer to produce bio-oil: Effect of temperature and additives! Are derived from annual plants such as phenol, 3-methyl-phenol, 4-methyl-phenol, 2-methoxy-phenol, 2,3-dimethyl-phenol 2-methoxy-4-methyl-phenol. Phenol-Formaldehyde resin synthesis vibrations between 2900 and 2800 cm-1 apparatus for gel time for the resin in. Condensation-Addition-Type phenolic resins, ” industrial Crops and Products, v. 35, p. 491-494, 1989 from... The limited substitution level of phenol with formaldehyde depending on the Preparation and characterization of alkaline lignins use... Process forming the thermoset Polymer Matrix workplace air bands match well with the lab-made and PF., X., Sánchez, C., Ferrando, F., Salvado J..., M.G catalysis, ” Journal of Energy Chemistry 26 ( 4 ), 5504-5512 for! Gardziella, A. M. A., de Jong, E., Farriol, X., and,... Stirring was possible is defined as the gel time ( Y2 ), adhesives!