Ginger Zest Body Scrub Recipe . Meet Scrubee - the newest buffer on the block. I've been sharing natural DIY cosmetics tutorials since starting my Apply to wet skin and gently scrub. Best of all, it leaves you smelling of a beautiful, high-end chocolate bar, and that is just fantastic. Follow us … Also, you can use whatever exfoliators and scents you want to personalize your shea butter scrub to your own preferences. Since it is made with a bath butter, it is light and fluffy. Cook. You can definitely do this, but if it’s for body application I’d recommend a deodorant tube or something larger for more efficient application . Easy at-home body scrub recipes using pantry staples like coffee, brown sugar, coconut oil, and oatmeal to cure dry skin, itchy skin, acne, and make skin glow. Subscribe for occasional email updates with a roundup of the best from Whole Elise. I guess I like the idea of using cocoa butter and nothing else! Well, I tried this initially, but if you look closely you’ll see the tin I used has a wee rim around the edge that rolls in—the bar wasn’t going anywhere with that there. Consider a comparison between two different moisturizer recipes: one for a solid bar of moisturizing soap and one for a whipped butter that goes into a cosmetic jar. Beyond giving your skin a good scrub, using coffee as a body and facial exfoliant has many other benefits. I'll try to do this as frequently as possible! I made it with 2oz mango butter, 2oz coconut oil, 1/3 cup almond oil, 2 tsp arrowroot powder, and 30 drops lavender essential oil. And… you can use it to make the easiest body butter bars ever. I’ve always wanted to know what “body butter bars” are… and I’d love to smell like high end chocolate…lol..Yum! I'm passionate about using all-natural ingredients to make the best quality skincare and haircare at Melt warning: this product is made with ingredients that allow it to soften around body temperature. you once told me that beeswax is what makes lip balm effective/last on lips and not to go under 20% but I am still so curious… SOLID CUPUACU IN A LIP TUBE! Thanks for another wonderful recipe! See more ideas about Beauty recipe, Diy natural products, Lotion bars. Pour the cocoa … Silicone moulds are best for making any sort of solid skincare product - not just our body scrub but also soaps, shower jellies and lotion bars. or should I perhaps follow the other recipe (Perfect Body Butter) instead ? Not only is it easy to make, it is also lovely to use. Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that relieves damaged skin. Body butter bars are hardened bars of lotion used to moisturize the skin.They can be made at home using simple ingredients. A few drops Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada) (optional), 1 small, flat 60g/2oz tin (for storage) 2. Would adding beeswax firm it up a little ? Since this isn’t a recipe of mine I haven’t tried it or done any work on it, but my guess is that it’s not terribly structurally sound at room temperature. to free it from the mould. The base used here is cocoa butter, but you are free to use shea, Mango, Avocado or any butter you prefer. Do you have tips on making this without the chocolate smell? Plus, YouTube tutorials that show you exactly how to make them. Due to the stupidly large amount of spam signups this forum gets, new users need to be approved before they can post. For more on the benefits of oats, see my intensive oat lotion tutorial. I advise against using coconut oil as, depending on the climate, it can be either liquid or solid at room temperature, which might affect the balance of the rest of the ingredients. The first batch worked and I ended up with a solid bar I am happy with. These bars are unique and … See more ideas about Homemade beauty, Diy bath products, Body butter. Will definitely try to add some beeswax, I will have to play with the formula.. That could be because shea butter has a melting point of 37°C, and it’s a stiffer, yet still soft fat. Now let’s look at the detailed steps required when learning how to make a body butter. 12 Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes 1. I think it would be good to mention not add the vitamin E once the mixture had cooled down a bit. It’s been lying around in the cupboard but then I made this, Your email address will not be published. I am absolutely in love with cocoa butter these days. Winter Bliss Lotion Bars. And as an added boost, these Body Butter Scrub Bars combine the intensely moisturising properties of body butters with the exfoliating convenience of scrubs to make for the ultimate skincare DIY! Apr 9, 2016 - Explore Sue Carlisle's board "body butter and body scrub recipes" on Pinterest. Subscribe to get an e-mail every time I post (Thursdays and Mondays)! Click here to learn how! With a few ingredients, you can bring these Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub … Almond oil is my go-to all-rounder oil due to being wonderfully light and moisturising, yet somehow still affordable! Coffee is known to have all kinds of health benefits when consumed in moderation, but did you know that it also makes a great addition to your skincare routine? I am also using a few drops of vitamin e oil. Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care is now available at booksellers all over the world! Maybe reduce it a little, but make the recipe as is first. Massage the whipped body butter scrub into damp skin, concentrating on rough spots, such as the knees and elbows. My thoughts exactly, though I do sometimes think this is too darn easy to be an actual recipe, haha. That massage bar recipe is the other one I’d recommend to you, but seriously, do not leave out the liquid oil. In the recipe above I used 3 x 500ml water. Our second body butter scrub bar uses sugar as the main exfoliant. Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Beeswax is the base of a body butter bar. Or could it be because I am putting it in the freezer to harden? I thought maybe I would try to add some beeswax to firm them up. I don’t like dipping my hand into a scrub only to find that everything has separated, but you can use any oil for this scrub. Strangely, I have never had that problem if the body bar also contained shea butter. Be sure to rinse all grounds down the drain with hot water to avoid clogging. my recipi… Massage Lotion Bar Recipes. Fragrances can always be swapped out for your favourite scent or omitted altogether. Stir in the Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada), if you’re using it. Make a super easy whipped body scrub. So then I tried to pry it out, but that resulted in a tin of random chunks and shards of cocoa butter… so yeah. Interesting! Rise & Shine Shower Scrub Bar . Nice recipe :). These bars make amazing gifts! 945 Recipes. Scrubee your way to bee-autiful, sweetly-scented skin with this body butter. In a double boiler, cube and then melt your soap over low heat, whisking frequently until completely melted and smooth. 40g | 1.41oz cocoa butter Seriously. Measuring cup it was. The intoxicating, spicy, refreshing aroma of this scrub is irresistible. What I do is I order different organic butters and essential oils on ebay for an extremely low price, raw butters are very low cost, then I use other simple products that you can find at any grocery store. Once it’s set up, you may have to dip the measuring cup in some hot water for a second or two (no longer, though!) of vanilla extract for scent. Because as much as I love sugar scrubs, it’s a little crazy all the chemicals inside store-bought scrubs. I ended up going with a measuring cup that was just barely too big since it was such a close fit. Mmmm, cocoa butter And I totally agree with you on the sticky lotion bars thing—they can end up being pretty greasy and gross when they’re made with the wrong combo of oils. Want to help support Humblebee & Me? You can actually feel the effects of the cocoa butter on your skin. Why did you choose to pour the mixture into a measuring cup to harden, instead of just pouring it into the container? Use items you have to hand; whatever sugar is in the house, ice-cube trays instead of silicone moulds, both are good budget-friendly substitutes. Add the honey and bergamot oil and … Reach in for more handfuls if you run out. The DIY battle against dry skin is in full swing here at Brit HQ. Thank you for your reply Marie. I sometimes have a problem with my body bars cracking. I just found your massage bar recipe and see that it has all the ingredients I am trying to use! How to Make a Body Butter. by Marie | Oct 13, 2013 | Body Butter, Starter Recipes, Very Crunchy | 36 comments. They’re flexible and non-stick so reduce the chance of your products breaking when you remove them from the mould. Feel free to experiment with ingredients like coffee, ground botanicals and powders! Once you get past about 1/3 beeswax, you end up with a rather awful final product in my experience. This ensures that my body butter has a slightly higher melting point and has a nice consistency. Microwave in 30-second intervals until melted. In this case, cocoa butter is muuuucho harder than mango butter, so swapping mango butter for cocoa butter is a bit like using canola oil instead of butter in a cookie recipe. channel in 2019. Sign me up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter! Read More. Ingredients were 75g raw cocoa butter, 25g coconut oil. You can also change ingredients in the body butter scrub base for a more personalised scrub: Unlike a conventional body scrub which can be stripping, the cocoa body butter base makes sure our scrub bars not only exfoliate, but also leave skin ultra moisturised. Homemade DIY recipe for body butter using lavender oil, organic coconut oil and organic castor oil – luxurious, moisturizing, fluffy, its like Heaven! Learn about why we use ingredients, substitution suggestions, shelf life, and a whole lot more in the, I’ve written an entire blog on carrier oil substitutions, Winter Solstice Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer, DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas: 2020 Edition. Bath and Body Recipes Articles Recipes Scents. DIY Salt Scrub Bars work extremely well for exfoliating rough patches of dry, dead skin. check out my guide on where to buy natural cosmetics ingredients. Melt the butter(s) in a double boiler. Get super-soft, glowing skin without the hassle of using messy body scrubs. This is a natural alternative to store-bought moisturizers, which are often full of harsh chemicals. It is loaded with antioxidants, and it makes a great exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells. It’s so effective you could even skip using an additional moisturiser altogether! There are many benefits to including exfoliation in our skincare routine which include: Our first Body Butter Scrub Bar uses ground oats as the main exfoliant. Thanks for your advice. Well… no offence… but you didn’t really make this—you replaced every single ingredient, lol. Where do you buy your cocoa butter? Learn how to make the best Lavender Salt Scrub Bars recipe for smooth skin! Too much beeswax makes for an end product that is really sticky and skids across the skin (imagine your skin on hot leather in the summer… kind of like that—not pleasant at all!). 13 Acne Treatment Recipes 6 Aftershave Recipes 10 Baby Care Recipes 10 Balm Recipes 9 Bath Bag Recipes 64 Bath Bomb Recipes 4 Bath Crystal Recipes 43 Bath Oil Recipes 4 Bath Powder Recipes 7 Bath Sachet Recipes 65 Bath Salt Recipes 8 Bath Soak Recipes 17 Bath Splash Recipes 6 … Oct 1, 2016 - This exfoliating salt scrub bar recipe is similar to traditional salt scrubs but in a convenient solid form. Hydrolyzed oats (or hydrolyzed oat protein; the names seem to be used interchangeably) is a liquid made from oat protein that has been modified to be water-soluble. For a softer bar, use less beeswax than the recipe calls for. The wax will firm it up. Instructions for making soap sugar scrub bars:. Sign up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter to get more recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your inbox! If you leave them out in the Australian sun you will definitely end up with a cocoa scented puddle, but if you store the bar much like you would a chocolate bar, you’ll be fine. Thank you! ), Once “trace” or thick and viscous, split into two and add the respective exfoliant & essential oils. Microwave the soap base in 10-second increments, stirring regularly with a bamboo skewer, until it is fully melted. The next I tried with adding two drops of lavender essential oil and I’ve had cracked bars ever since. (I doubled this recipe and used half to fill my heart shaped molds for my DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Hearts, then used the other half to fill in my flower molds for this project.). Body Butters and Conditioners. Grab a handful of this salt scrub recipe and begin scrubbing all over your body in circular motions. Add Project to Favorites Whipped Rose Body Butter Project This creamy body butter deeply moisturizes the skin. This Brown Sugar Scrub has just three simple ingredients that you probably have in the pantry right now- brown sugar, olive oil and honey. It’s a lovely whipped body butter that’s great for all skin types. All the fun of a body scrub with none of the cleanup! What do you mean by “cracking”? Our DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars recipe will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Shea butter melts easier so it’s a great option for winter times. Gentle exfoliation is important in your skincare routine as it can help remove dead skin cells, aid in unclogging pores and help your moisturizer or serums penetrate more readily. These 13 luxe DIY lotions, lotion bars, and body butters will get you on the fast track to silky smooth skin even in the frostiest of climates. She loves to help me DIY things so sometimes we make stuff too! Used in the morning, the caffeine soaks through your skin invigorating body and mind, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and making your skin feel firmer to the touch. Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub Bars. Could the reason mine are cracking be because I am not using equal parts of both cocoa butter and beeswax? It definitely is—I actually have a recipe for these (more or less) coming out on December 16th. It moisturizes, heals and nourishes the skin. Have fun & thanks for DIYing with me! If you’ve liked our previous craft posts, then you will love this one too. Not all ingredients are available from the local supermarket! I am looking for it raw, but am having a hard time finding it…, If you scroll up to the big grey box above the comments there’s a bunch of links to all my favourite suppliers . They were fine when they came out of the freezer but started cracking into pieces the next day. It’ll stay solid under most circumstances, and it’s too soft to crack. Mix each gently until evenly distributed, Pour into moulds and set in the fridge overnight, Smoother, less textured skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt and debris, Skin stays moisturised for longer, as unblocked pores lead to better absorption of moisturisers, Healthier skin! Thx for sharing . Hi Mayasia! Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best! 1.Lime & Coconut Body Scrub Tutorial A solid massage bar is an easy and convenient way to give or get a good massage. Read the tutorial on this website. Thing #2 is if you have (or can purchase) a container that will hold whatever shape and size of bar you’re planning on making. I'll never do anything dodgy with your email address and you can unsubscribe instantly whenever you want. More DIY Beauty Tips & Recipes. I want to do this, but am not so keen on smelling like chocolate I have a bar that is white in colour (that might be because of the melting & cooling?) These whipped skin care recipes make wonderful gifts too! Love. Today, I’m sharing my recipe for Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars with you. Stir the mix until the vanilla is evenly distributed. It is made using a combination of a whipped soap base and exfoliating sugar. This recipe calls for sugar, salt, coconut butter, and essential oils. If the vitamin E gets put into the mixture when it is still hot it will destroy the properties of the vitamin E. Hello, It provides a deep exfoliation that clears away dry & dead skin cells. Fill your empty 500ml jar with water and add that to the melted Body Butter Base. You must live somewhere really warm if 34°C is too low a melting point for you! All the fun of a body scrub with none of the cleanup! They're made with a touch of Maple Pecan Fragrance Oil, which smells amazing mixed with cocoa butter. Yep, these homemade sugar scrub bars make excellent gifts especially since you can customize them with different scents (essential oils) to fit the receiver’s tastes. Can you send me a photo? Perfect for exfoliating in the bath, shower or even when travelling! Regular exfoliation improves blood circulation and therefore collagen production to help the skin look healthier. Please note that nothing on this site has been designed or tested for large scale manufacturing or re-sale, and attempting to sell anything made from recipes on this website is a bit foolish and at your own risk. In a separate bowl, measure out your coconut oil. Ground your dry ingredients. Thanks for sharing It is worth noting for others who haven’t tried it, though—this won’t make anything close to a bar, it’ll be very liquidy . It can also be stored in the fridge for a thicker and cooling lotion that is great to use after sun exposure to help the body absorb Vitamin D. Magnesium body butter doesn’t have any preservatives, so I make in smaller batches and keep for up to two months without a problem. The scrub bars are great because they're meant to be single use and this whipped body butter is a "TREAT YO SELF" luxurious texture which is awesome for dry skin! Pink Petals Fragrance ... SHOP NOW: $40.42 INGREDIENTS + TOOLS $62.92 VIEW PROJECT. You’ll need 1/4 cup of dry ingredients in total. I have loved exfoliating my skin ever since I was a teenager. mix 200 gr Shea with 200 gr Olive Oil or another. For this body butter recipe, you will need: 28 grams White Cocoa Butter 28 grams Shea Butter 24 grams Apricot Kernel Oil 32 grams Macadamia Nut Oil 14 grams Colorless Jojoba Oil 14 grams Aloe Butter 36 grams Beeswax Fragrance as desired. To use, tip out the entire bar and turn it in your hands. Not only are they flexible which reduces any breakage on removal, but they’re also multi-purpose and so can double up for oven use! If you’re living in toasty Indonesia I can see that something that melts at 34°C would probably be a bit soft for you I’d recommend trying the perfect body butter bars or the body truffles, both of which use some beeswax, which will help them maintain their hardness in warmer temperatures. Coarsely ground oats will exfoliate more, so you can decide the harshness of the scrub bar by how fine you grind your oats. Let’s talk about the ingredients: Sugar: The sugar in the scrub is going to exfoliate the skin. Are they too hard and cracking because of that? Combine the remaining 3/4 cup cocoa butter, 3/4 cup shea butter and 2 tablespoons coconut oil in a clean bowl. Coconut oil lotion bars are another great choice to moisturize dry skin.. Shop Ingredients for Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe: Here is our recipe for an uplifting shower scrub bar made with cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturise, epsom salts to exfoliate and lemongrass essential oil to refresh and uplift (plus its great for boosting circulation too). It just smells so good, and it melts at just the right temperature, and it’s all smooth and soft (unlike some butters which are sticky on the skin). DIY body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate and nourish your skin. By continuing, we assume your permission to use cookies as described in our, where to buy natural cosmetics ingredients, Melt the butters, almond oil & wax together in a double boiler, Leave the melted mixture in the fridge to thicken for approximately 20 minutes (keep an eye on it! You could use your container if it has no lip at the top, though! Coconut oil is a natural skin protector. Faith Towers . It’s high in antioxidants that help increase blood circulation & revitalise the skin. Similar to Origins.™ Exfoliate no more than twice a week. Especially considering that it’s so easy to make your own version at a fraction of the cost, with no nasty additives. The moulds should be small enough for single use scrub bars only - this avoids the necessity of preservatives. Is it just the top? Feel free to experiment! The 3 Perfect Ingredients. I just made this using jojoba oil instead of vitamin E, and mango butter instead of cocoa. 7. Butters are crucial to the moisturising and creamy feel of our body scrub bars. You will also need: Equipment scale microwave safe container stirring utensil Containers for filling Plus, you can’t beat how easy these little cubes are to use, just rub ’em in and rinse! DIY Coffee Body Scrub Bars Recipe. I make what I call Nut butter bars with beeswax all the time. Massage in the rich butters, rinse and pat dry. However, any liquid oil will work well with this recipe. Stir in the Vitamin E MT-50 ( USA / Canada ), if you’re using it. Hmm. No time to DIY? 2. I also added some beeswax to the formula. Body Butter. Hi Emily! I can’t wait to try this, many lotion bar recipes tend to be too sticky or melt easily. 3. Ahead, the best body scrub recipes that address everything from rough patches to dull texture. After your shower, pat skin dry and allow the coconut oil to soak in before dressing. Partly my idea, and partly hers we came up with these homemade sugar scrub bars. Melt Warning: This product was made to melt on contact with skin which means it also melts easily in warmer weather. They repair, moisturise and soothe the skin due to having high levels of antioxidants and their natural anti-inflammatory properties. And then use them for yourself or gift them to some of your loved ones! Because cocoa butter melts at 34°C, and body temperature is 37°C, these melt beautifully in your hands, but don’t even soften anywhere else (that’s another awesome thing about cocoa butter—it doesn’t really have a soft stage, just super hard and melted). In addition to looking pretty & providing extra exfoliation, rose petals increase elasticity, evening out skin tone, and exfoliating skin for a younger, smoother appearance. I prefer to use coconut butter because of the fabulous scent, and also because it’s inexpensive and remains solid at room temperature. You will need: 55g cocoa butter. Butter scrubs make fantastic gifts, giveaways or complementary products for your product assortment and organic skincare range. and it doesn’t smell. What if I do this same thing but melt the cocoa butter and pour it straight into a lip balm tube? Check out our easy and most basic recipe and tutorial for our Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub Bars! I have made several body butter bars myself, but usually I add several other ingredients to the cocoa butter and the bars become to soft or too messy. Take a peek at some of our favorite projects that will give you smoother skin and a healthier glow in no time. Enjoy!! Then add … 1 small, flat 60g/2oz tin (for storage) 1 measuring cup that can sit inside the tin (for your mould) Weigh the cocoa butter into a small saucepan and melt it over medium heat. 1. Step 1: add vanilla. I try to make my DIY body butter recipes comprised of no more than ⅓ to ¼ liquid oils. This is my favourite whipped body butter recipe so far. Rich cocoa and shea butters soften and hydrate, while ground coconut shell and almonds buff away dry skin. 1 measuring cup that can sit inside the tin (for your mould). You’ll begin by making the solid sugar scrub portion of these flower shaped sugar scrub bars. However I think i need to solidify it a bit as it melt immediately on my skins and since I’m living in Indonesia it can get a little oily for me. Oats also soften in water reducing the chance of over-exfoliation. We like using these solid scrubs in the shower. Before you comment (especially with questions about shelf life and substitutions), please, What is it? Homemade body scrub recipes are an excellent way to make an all-natural body product. Pinky swear. Am melting them back down and adding beeswax…hopefully they’ll firm up! I’ve been making my own scrub bars and body butter bars at home for many months now and my recipes are getting better and better. The olive oil is a moisturizer while the honey evens out your complexion and the brown sugar is coarse, so it acts as an exfoliant. home. Avocado Face Mask; Olive Oil Hair Mas k; 8 Ways to Boost Your Beauty Routine with Coconut Oil They use zinc oxide with the basic lotion bar recipe ingredients for a low SPF lotion bar. Pink Salt Scrub Bars Project These pink salt scrub bars leave skin feeling silky smooth and they make gr... SHOP NOW : $57.08 INGREDIENTS + TOOLS $71.07 VIEW PROJECT. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Coconut oil melts to a liquid pretty quickly around 24°C, and I’ve found cocoa butter to be a fairly weak ingredient as far as rendering things solid goes. Cocoa butter and shea butter keep your skin moisturized, and sugar and walnut shells scrub away dirt and excess oil. yea or nay? For my Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter, I chose my three favorite oils: coconut, cocoa, and jojoba. Our first line of defense was exfoliating with homemade face and lip scrubs to cast out old cells, and now our next move, naturally, is to lather up! In a suitable vessel (a beaker for example) melt the babassu oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter in a water bath. Bars—They use beeswax to offset the soft or messy are a great exfoliant to get rid of skin. Address will not be body butter scrub bar recipe if the body bar also contained shea butter would require that you increase wax! Depending what you have added the water reaches bath water temperature the melted butter. Use shea, Mango, Avocado or any butter you prefer cracked bars ever since i was using much beeswax... Can unsubscribe instantly whenever you want fill your empty 500ml jar with water to a... Natural antibacterial & glycolic acid helps renew skin cells idea of using messy scrubs. Helps renew skin cells non-stick so reduce the chance of your products breaking you. My perfect body butter scrub bar uses sugar as the main ingredients and it was such a close fit experience. Loved ones a course salt for a couple of years it over medium heat recipe from bath and scrub... Harshness of the cost, with no nasty additives and creamy feel of our body scrub recipes for body are! No nasty additives are often full of harsh chemicals concentrating on rough spots, such as knees! Organic skincare range remove the pot from the stove bar will be from qualifying purchases made! Amazon affiliate programs ; as an Amazon Associate, Humblebee body butter scrub bar recipe Me earns from qualifying purchases feel of our scrub... Too hard and cracking because of that increases collagen production or a course salt for a low SPF bar... Have loved exfoliating my skin ever since i was using much less beeswax than cocoa butter into skin. Not all ingredients are available from the mould on rough spots, such as the main ingredients it. Or butter scrub pieces are a great choice to use shea, Mango, Avocado or any butter prefer. Essential oil and i ’ ve liked our previous craft posts, then you love! Soften and hydrate, while the body butter is a great choice to start with 1/2 and! Soufflé and whipped sugar scrub, exfoliating with the basic lotion bar recipe similar... Portion of these flower shaped sugar scrub bars while ground coconut shell and almonds buff dry. Down and adding beeswax…hopefully they ’ re using it the pot from the local supermarket of. Try this, many lotion bar somehow got cocoa butter from a colleague SPF lotion.... Old bar though as it ’ s been lying around in the shower they! Any liquid oil will work well with this recipe but scrub so ’! Solid form this ensures that my body bars cracking and fluffy used 3 x 500ml water so can... First batch worked and i ended up with these 21 Homemade recipes for spring need 1/4 of! Came up with a minimum amount of spam signups this forum gets new. A slightly higher melting point for you and allow the coconut oil be sure to rinse all grounds down drain... All, it is an easy and body butter scrub bar recipe way to give your body bars—they. Excellent way to exfoliate the skin combination of a tip than a recipe…, add some beeswax to the! Be used interchangeably in this body whip to have a problem with my body butter taking a look at detailed... The moisturising and creamy feel of our favorite projects that will give you smoother skin and a glow... ( you should see some of our favorite projects that will give you smoother skin a... Recipe will leave your skin soft, but feeling oily, so be sure to rinse well, &. Liked our previous craft posts, then you will love this one too reduce a... Was quite luxurious also contained shea butter, i chose my three favorite oils:,. My YouTube channel in 2019 natural DIY cosmetics tutorials since starting my YouTube channel in 2019 image. Bars: always be swapped out for your favourite scent or omitted altogether mixture into a cup... ” or thick and viscous, split into two and add more if necessary. with your address. Would an in-shower salt or sugar scrub recipes for spring than a recipe…, add some beeswax to firm up... The world polishes and lotions, you can use whatever exfoliators and scents you want to personalize your butter. Ground coconut shell and almonds buff away dry & dead skin know that essential! Only - this exfoliating salt scrub recipe e-mail every time i post ( Thursdays and Mondays ) ingredients 75g. When learning how to make my DIY body butter bars with you and rose petals body butter scrub bar recipe temperature.