All Grant oil fired boilers are designed to heat up water directly from the main water supply at your home. Also warmth produced by the central heating will remain for a time when the central heating is turned off. Unscrew both compression nuts on the check valve and remove it from the boiler. Overheat thermostat reset button (under screw cover) Boiler thermostat ‘Lock-out’ reset button Boiler front panel removed Grant Euroflame Condensing External Modules5 Switch off the electricity supply to the boiler. Grant Vortex External modules … I've recently moved in to a property and have an issue with an external Grant Pro boiler. You should periodically verify it and clean as needed. A few different boilers have independent thermostats ( control and high limit) where the overheat reset is remote from burner lock out. 12. Firstly, you have to locate a blockage in the condensate pipe. Thermostatic mixing valve incorrectly fitted. • Overheat Thermostat (Overheat Reset) The boiler is fitted with a safety overheat thermostat which will automatically switch off the boiler in the case of a control malfunction causing overheating. The boiler will not light until the thermostat is reset. Each time conduct all electrical check: resistance, polarity and continuity before and after any work. Take into consideration that you will need to reset the switch in order to return to your pre-set periods. Slacken the two cross head screws and remove the mounting bracket from the expansion vessel. Faults with your Grant boiler are displayed as an error code on the display screen. 7. The overheat thermostat will automatically switch off the boiler in the case of a control malfunction causing overheating. Unscrew and disconnect pipe unions 1,2 3,4,5 & 9 as shown on the picture below. We moved a few months ago, and have found that the boiler stops working intermittently. To do this, wait until the boiler has cooled down and then unscrew the small plastic cap, press the button then replace the cap. 6. For long periods: Set the On/Off switch to OFF and switch off the … Dismantling of the main body of the valve for inspection and/or cleaning should be carried out in following order: remove the control knob fixing screw; pull off the control knob and carefully lever off the plastic housing under the knob, note correct positions; unscrew the brass top assembly from valve body; remove the lower assembly and spring; carefully remove any scale deposits or other particles from the valve seat and other components. However, if you are having to reset your boiler two or three times, there will be a good reason for doing so. Grant Vortex Pro Kitchen/Utility Oil Boilers 5 For short periods - Set the On/Off to OFF. Set thermostat to call and check boiler operates, Check continuity of thermostat, replace if necessary, No room thermostat or external timeswitch connected to boiler, Check link fitted between          8 & 9 on boiler         terminal block, Check nozzle size & fuel pressure, correct as necessary, Check boiler & baffles and clean as necessary, examine the flue terminal , make sure it is not damaged or blocked, start boiler to verify correct operation of its control system, examine all  fuel and water system connections and fittings, examine all joints and verify the tightness of all fittings that may leak in the future, verify if the system pressure is set at the right levels, where not refill, vent and re-check the system, examine all ventilation openings, those need to be right size and its opening needs to be clear, remove water/sludge extend from the fuel tank. 9. E&OE. BURNER Power to the burner for it to operate. *According to the latest figures from the Energy Saving Trust. Check if your appliance is equipped with frost protection (optional), whenever it is not the case it is recommended to leave the boiler on with the boiler thermostat set at a low setting, instead of switching off the boiler. Should you try to light your boiler but it doesn’t work and the ‘lock-out’ reset button isn’t lit, that suggests that the overheat thermostat has operated. 7. Allow the pipe to rest on top of the plate heat exchanger. Check continuity of wiring to timeswitch. Failure to do this will invalidate the boiler warranty. Boiler needs to have a proper ventilation. Lastly, restart or reset your boiler by pressing a button. Close the primary return isolating valve and the pump isolating valve as shown on the picture below. A boiler leak is usually caused by an issue with an internal component, such as a pressure valve or pump seal. Grant Combi, Grant Multi Pass, Boiler thermostat and/or overheat thermostat faulty, Burner not lighting, oil & electricity present at burner, Reset burner air        damper and check combustion, Burner fires but smoke visible from flue or high smoke number, Insufficient combustion air supply to burner. 8. Don’t use abrasive pads or cleaners. In instances when your boiler goes off and you try to light it but it doesn’t work and the ‘Lock-out’ reset button on the burner is not lit, most probably the overheat thermostat has operated. Insufficient oil flow to burner due to restriction in supply line. 26 Nov 2008 #13 DGOBS said: Ok, as its a grant boiler, I will assume it's either a RDB riello or a g3-g5 riello When you depress the reset button, the burner will run (on pre-purge) for 12 … 3. Re-assemble in reverse order  and refill the central heating system, All Grant oil and biomass boilers for your home including parts, troubleshooting and efficiency! Some Grant boiler models come equipped with a frost thermostat. Attention!This appliance must be earthed. Check flue condition/size and alter as necessary. Use the table below to identify possible faults with your boiler. 8. A water hardness test kit is supplied with the boiler. Any insurance that offers an annual service and safety inspections is worth thinking about. Brian. Check nozzle size and type and replace if necessary, Check fuel pressure and adjust as necessary. check controls are switched on and calling for heat, Check boiler On/Off switch is set to ‘ON’, Set 3-position           Heating switch to ‘Constant’. Unscrew and disconnect pipe unions 1, 5 & 9 as shown on the picture. To ensure economic use, the pipe runs between the boiler and hot taps should be as short as possible and in 15 mm copper pipe or 22 mm for the Combi Max and Vortex Combi 36 only. Don’t place any combustible material around  flue pipe or on the boiler. Check for 230 V output from BURNER LIVE terminal of PCB. The boiler will not light until the thermostat is reset. Replacing your boiler could lead to savings of as much as £305* a year if you live in a detached home. Ensure the sealing washer inside the union is kept for re-assembly. • Overheat Thermostat (Overheat Reset) The boiler is fitted with a safety overheat thermostat which will automatically switch off the boiler in the case of a control malfunction causing overheating. If the leak stems from your pressure relief valve, it is likely that your system’s pressure has become too high. Safety switches will switch the burner off whenever there’s a burner malfunction in your appliance. Set the pump  speed selector switch to maximum. Replace the mixing valve and re-assemble in reverse order. Contaminated combustion air (balanced flue). Check continuity of overheat thermostat – replace as necessary. If required, the fuel supply valve may be closed and the water and electricity supplies turned off at the mains. The boiler won’t operate, where there is no electric supply. When adjusting schedule for the ‘on’ periods it is useful to remember that it might take up to an hour for the house to become warm, especially during the winter. Page 6 TEST SWITCH BURNER Power to the burner for it to operate. No special material needed. Where possible the pipework should be insulated to reduce heat loss. Page 25. Grant Vortex, Grant Spira. }These will not be lit until activated 4. 7. Contact your installed to agree on a service date. Slacken the four control panel fixing screws, carefully disengage the control panel from both casing side panels and the front top panel and allow it to rest at an angle on its right hand end, to gain access to the Automatic air vent.